Here’s a statistic you may not know: More than six million small businesses are started each year in the United States alone.

That’s a huge number! Yet, many of these businesses face a single, common dilemma: Not knowing where to turn when it comes to building and managing their websites. It’s an issue that continues to plague many business owners today, even though most understand the importance of having a great website, and what it could mean if they don’t have one.

But understanding is no longer enough. As a business owner in this modern age, it’s expected that you have a beautiful website that looks great on every device. You’re also expected to be engaged on social media, aware of your search engine rankings (and what SEO is), and in touch with your digital persona. It’s no wonder, then, why overwhelmed is the first emotion most business owners experience when dealing with their websites and online presence.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Most small business owners can’t afford to waste time and money on these things. And that’s okay because they shouldn’t have to. After all, I wouldn’t ask an irrigation specialist to fix my car’s radiator; nor would I expect an event planner to know how to build a bridge. Why, then, should we expect business owners to know how to design and manage their own websites?

The answer is, we shouldn’t. It’s not only an unreasonable expectation, it’s also just plain counterproductive. A baker shouldn’t have to spend countless hours learning the newest website builder when their time would be much better spent baking cakes and serving fresh, out-of-the-oven strudels (mmmm…).

But all that is poised to change. With our straight-forward, three-step process, small business owners are able to free themselves from the chains of DIY site builders and costly web design services–some demanding $5,000 or more to build a WordPress website.

Not with us. After a quick, 15-minute phone call aimed at getting to know more about you and your business, the rest is left to our Site Experts to handle. We operate 365-days-a-year, handling everything from the design of your website, to web hosting, domain registration, file backups and content updates. We even setup a Facebook business Page on your behalf so you can easily engage with your fans and customers.

Site Plans start at just $75 a month after a small, initial design fee, which means now you can get the website you deserve and get back to doing what you do best.

The truth is, it’s much more complex than clicking a ‘publish’ button after writing some text and dragging some images around. Building your online presence is an ongoing process that takes time and constant iteration. But now, business owners can breathe easier knowing they have a way to get their business online without wasting their valuable time and money.