Have you ever wondered how some small businesses can be so incredibly successful at engaging with their customers online, and building their customer base? You may tell yourself, “Well, some people just have that special something, and some don’t”. But that’s a lie straight from the gates of Hell; and one that should never be repeated after today! The truth is, you have what it takes to develop meaningful customer relationships. And when you really get down to it, that’s exactly what it takes to get to the next level.

Taking that notion a bit further: If you’re looking to grow your customer base—or maybe even get your first customer—you’re going to have to think like your customers think. That doesn’t mean lowering your prices, posting some promotions on your Facebook Page, and crossing your fingers. It means getting to know things about your customers that will help you develop a strategy that appeals directly to your most likely devotee.

“But how do I do this on a shoe-string budget?”, you may be asking yourself.

I thought you’d never ask.

Run Unique Social Network Specials

When you hear things like, “You should use social media to reach your customers”, you probably think, “that’s pretty simple!” However, in order to garner new customers in a crowded room of competitors (and I mean really, really crowded), you’re going to have to do better than just posting some inspirational quotes and sharing your services pricing. An example of creating unique, engaging posts would be to run a promotion that offers a free carpet cleaning on National Cleaning Day for the first 5 customers to “like” your Facebook page (if you’re a carpet cleaning service). Or, (if you’re a Burger restaurant called Burger Republic) you might want to run a contest on Instagram where the fan who posts the most scrumptious-looking photo of your food with the tag #burgerrepublicphoto gets a $25 gift card to your restaurant.

These specials shouldn’t be cross-promoted. If you’re running the promotion on Facebook, advertise it other places, but always lead back to Facebook. Don’t run the same promotion on Twitter and Instagram. If you do, that can look desperate and turn customers off.

Offer Something To Get Something

If you want a new customer, one of the best ways to get one is to give something in return. When Site Assembly first began, we got our first few clients by offering our services at a substantial discount to a closed number of early adopters. This got us out into the world, and built our reputation organically. However, we didn’t do so without asking for something in return.

In exchange for the discount we were offering, we asked these first few clients to write a truthful review about their experience with us, that we could use on our website. We also asked them to “like” our Facebook page and “follow us” on Twitter. And you know what, every single one of them were more than willing to do so. You can do this, too. The good news is, you might not even have to offer a huge discount. There are other great ways to amass new customers besides discounting your products or services. Either way, the takeaway here is that, offering something in return for their business is always a promising way to attract new patrons.

Hire Site Assembly

Okay, so, there’s a little bit of self-promotion going on here, I know. But, it’s true: If you’re really looking to build your online presence, and in turn grow your customer base, but find that you don’t have the time (or patience) to stick with it, it may be time to consult with one of our Site Experts. The benefit is that our developers, designers and social media experts do the hard work for you, so you can focus on the retention and satisfaction of the customers you’re bringing in. We’re skilled in creating custom-written content, building beautiful websites, and creating high-level posts on your behalf that help your business stand out online.

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