Have you ever noticed any of your friends on Facebook who “Like” their own posts? If so, and you’re anything like me, you may have thought to yourself, “How vain is that?”. After all, liking your own Facebook post is like telling someone you’re a really cool person (how lame!). But the truth is, there is some logic behind it. Sure, some of those friends may be “liking” their own posts out of pure vanity, but, chances are, they’re doing it for a very good reason.

As an avid Facebook user myself both professionally and personally, I noticed not too long ago that the world’s largest Social Network revised some its features. You may have noticed these updates yourself. One of these updates directly affected the News Feed. In particular, we were introduced to the (not so new now) “Ticker”.

But first, some more context on the News Feed updates.

Essentially, their News Feed updates represent Facebook’s evil plan to control the posts we see on and when we see them. Okay, maybe not so evil, but still, Facebook quite literally controls the posts we see on our Timeline by only showing us the posts they think we may want to see most. I’m unsure of the exact logic Facebook uses here, but, in reality, this means that some of your most cherished posts may have never been seen by a majority of your Friends in the first place. In hindsight that may be a good thing for some of our past posts (you know which ones I’m talking about), but for the most part, this is a frustrating thing for anyone to discover.

Do not fret, though, for there is a solution… sort of.

The truth is, unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that your post shows up in your Friend’s’ News Feeds. But, if you want your posts to at least become more visible than invisible, then “liking” your own posts may be the best solution.

That’s right, I said it: It’s okay to Like your own posts! Actually, it may be better than okay as it may increase the chances that your Friends actually see the post in the first place.

The reason is because “liking” your own Facebook post pushes the action to your Friend’s’ Ticker—that small box in the top, right corner that lists the likes, shares and other activities of your Friends as they happen. So, while this may not increase the chances of your posts showing up in your Friends’ News Feeds, it does increase your post’s visibility by way of the Ticker showing your Friends that you just Liked a new post. When they click on that notification, voila! They will see your post. Which means now we can’t make fun of people who Like their own posts (*sad face with a tear*).