Get to know your users. It’s a simple statement, really, but a powerful concept. One that we at Site Assembly — and those of us in the web design industry as a whole — have given a name. It’s called user experience design (or UX design) and it’s just a fancy name given to a really simple concept, which basically refers to designing your products and websites around your users.

In everyday life, user experience design can include designing a sidewalk more efficiently so pedestrians can cut through a park rather than walk around it. Here at Site Assembly, user experience design refers to designing websites around specific use cases and calls-to-action. We understand and implement these practices on a daily basis. But, it’s something that I think we should talk about more openly.

Especially if your goal is to convert website users into followers, subscribers, and customers.

This is nothing new, really. Most of the world’s biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, Apple, and Uber, spend millions of dollars on user testing and product research to develop and improve their products.

At Site Assembly, we have the unique advantage of working with a wide range of clients. From local mom and pop shops to some of the world’s biggest brands, the idea is the same: If you want to convert website visitors into customers, you’ve got to show them exactly what they came to find as quickly as possible.

Through a combination of consultancy engagements, research analyses, and data collection, our Site Experts are able to take the time to learn about you and your brand in order to build a more user-driven website.

But, why would you want to build a better user experience?

If I haven’t already answered that question, the real answer is even more obvious: Because you should. You’re in business to make money, right. You wouldn’t invest in something that you knew wouldn’t, in some way, benefit your business or add to your bottom line. Well, that’s the sort of thought and research you and your web managers need to put into building your website.

If you understand the steps to take, the journey becomes much less frightening; and the reward far greater. I promise.

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