In this first-of-two-part series, we’re going to learn about the fundamentals of optimizing your Facebook Business Page. From choosing the perfect cover photo to writing a killer About section, we’ll cover all the major bases and make sure you have the knowledge needed to start killing it on Facebook!

Cover Photo

When optimizing your Facebook Business Page, your cover photo is especially important. Think of your cover photo as a digital billboard that gives you the opportunity to show your Page visitors what your business is all about. Imagine drivers traveling 65 miles per hour down the interstate. The advertiser, you, has only a few moments to capture the attention of the passersby. If your billboard is wordy, washed out, or irrelevant to your message, drivers will pass it by without hesitating.

Your cover photo is the same. It’s seen the first thing visitors will see when they land on your Page. If your cover photo is wordy, irrelevant, difficult to understand, then your Page visitors will pass onto the next business within 5 seconds or less.

So, how do you grab the attention of your Page Visitors and ensure you’re delivering the best content possible within the limited space you have?

Some ways to optimize your cover photo include:

  1. Using bright-colored backgrounds and bold text to liven up your branding
  2. Using custom graphics and high-quality images to showcase your top products
  3. Using Videos and GIFs to bring your message to life

It’s important to note that your cover photo should follow Facebook’s Cover Photo Dimension guidelines, which you can find here:

If you include text in your cover photo, make sure it’s crucial to the action you want your Page visitors to take. For instance, if your call-to-action is Call Now, including text in your cover photo that says, “We’re open 24/7” adds value to your graphic and builds upon your C2A.

Blake Shelton

World-famous country music star and long-standing judge of NBC’s hit show The Voice, Blake Shelton promotes his new album in his Cover Photo.

Oerlemans’ Foods

Oerlemans’ Foods is a natural food products distributor operating worldwide and has a beautiful image of their farms as their Cover Photo. Here’s the direct link:

The Honest Company

This skincare product line started by actress Jessica Alba created a custom collage as their Cover Photo. The brand does exceptionally well at showcasing their products with the limited space Facebook provides.

Notice how these cover photos are easy to understand, catch your eyes quickly, and include very limited text if any. The reason these cover photos are so engaging is that they follow the rules outlined in this article and they’ve mastered the use of cover photos as a tool to build their brands and boost engagement

Now, let’s talk about your Profile Picture.

Profile Picture

You know that small, square photo you see next to the name of a person or business you search for on Facebook? Or, what about that circular image you see next to a person or business’s name when viewing posts in your timeline? That is your Profile Picture.

When optimizing your Facebook Business Page, your Profile Picture is what users see when they search for your business or see ads or posts from your business. It’s perhaps the single-most important photo for your Business Page since it’s seen so often throughout various user experiences on Facebook.

Naturally, many businesses choose to add their logos here. Others, like influencers, bloggers, and coaches, may choose to add their headshots. Either way, the space is extremely limited and requires you to upload a square image.

Check out Facebook’s Cover Photo and Profile Picture Dimension guidelines for information on how to size your Profile Picture.

Let’s take a look at some examples of what top brands are using as their Profile Pictures.


The ubiquitous Coca-Cola brand has their signature white logo atop the famous red background set as their Page’s Profile Picture.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Renowned Social Media Influencer and Pro Marketer, Gary Vaynerchuck is known for his vibrant and oftentimes curse-laden talking style—telling people like it is with no filter. His Profile Picture is a great representation of his loud and in-your-face brand.


Patagonia, a multinational outdoors clothing and accessories brand, has their well-known serif logo pasted against a custom background graphic that helps it stand out against the natural cover photo they chose.


Reviews are extremely important when optimizing your Facebook Business Page.

Since Facebook is used as a network to find not only people, but businesses as well, Reviews are a surefire way to solidify your expertise and uphold your reputation as a brand.

Without Reviews, potential customers or followers may not take you seriously or may even refuse to do business with you if you lack Facebook Reviews.

Think about it. If you’ve used Review Engines like Yelp to find a restaurant or Home Advisor to find quality service providers, you understand the impact a review has on your decision to choose who you do business with.

Facebook Reviews are no different. In fact, a Forbes article once stated that nearly “70% of consumers are more likely to use a local business with positive reviews.” A 2015 DigitasLBi Connected Commerce study found that” Facebook influences 52% of our online and offline purchases.” That’s a HUGE number, and it’s only growing!

So, if you have no Facebook Reviews or would like to boost your positive reviews, start by connecting with your most loyal customers. Tell them you’d appreciate if they left an honest review on your Facebook Page. You can even send them a direct link so they have little responsibility. Or, send them a personal message through Messenger inviting them to leave a review and like your Page.

Whatever you do, don’t let your Facebook Reviews become a forgotten land. Use them to promote your brand. Showcase them in your posts. And most importantly, have them!

All the top brands have plenty of Facebook Reviews to back their claims and brands. Surely, you should, too.

Facebook Shop

If you sell shippable products to consumers, Facebook Shop is something you’ll want to learn quickly.

Through Facebook’s Shop functionality, Business Pages can upload their products for sale directly on their Facebook Page. So now, you don’t have to send users to your website if you don’t want to.

The benefit of uploading your products to Facebook is that you can track product sales directly through your Page Dashboard, as well as cut out extra steps of sending users to your web page.

You can choose to upload your entire catalog, showcase new products, or promote limited-time products through your Facebook Shop.

To set up your Shop, select your Business Page, and then click Shop.

If you haven’t configured your business page properly, you’ll have to complete a few steps first. No worries, these are pretty easy steps and you can get started by clicking Set Up Shop.

After your Shop is set up, you can add products to your Shop via Manage Shop.

Next week, we’ll dive further into optimizing your Facebook Shop and how selling products directly through your FB Shop can benefit your business. We’ll also talk about other elements of optimizing your Facebook Business Page, including adding great photos, creating engaging posts, utilizing LIVE videos for marketing, and how to write a killer About description.

Until then, onward and upward, my friends!

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