• 3 Things Every Health & Wellness Website Needs To Convert More Clients

    Health and wellness coaches spend countless hours helping others look and feel better as part of their jobs. Part of our job is to find ways to turn your health and wellness coaching website visitors into paying clients, but how do we do that? The truth is, health and wellness coaches are members of a unique industry, one that requires special features in order to build a website that converts. If you’re a wellness coach looking to optimize your website for conversions, you’ve come to the right place. Now, let’s dig in.

    Before & After Photos To Boost Your Credibility

    Health and wellness coaching is a results-driven industry. Your clients want to see those results. So, how can you do this? One way would be to include before and after photos of your clients who’ve had success with your program. You can feature them on your home page, or create a separate page called Before & After. Just make sure you feature high-quality images here so they look pixel-perfect on every device.

    Built-In Appointment Setting for Simplified Online Scheduling

    Give your clients the ability to book time with you directly through your website by implementing an online booking feature. You can implement appointment setting capabilities into your website to ensure you’re able to fill your schedule exactly how you want. Doing so will also provide your clients with an optimized online experience. There a number of WordPress plugins and custom calendar integrations your web manager can utilize to set up online appointment setting for your website.

    Online Contact Forms for Your Coaching Website

    Implementing an online contact form into your website gives you complete control over incoming inquiries and potential sales opportunities. Make sure to include fields for name, phone number and email address, and a brief message. Contact forms can oftentimes be forwarded to your preferred email address each time someone sends a new form inquiry. The benefits are endless as to how an on-site contact form can save your business time and effort.

    The Wrap-Up

    So, there you have it: the three most important features your health and wellness coaching website must include to convert more of your site visitors into paying clients. Next week, we’ll explore the different ways you can boost sales leads, such as by solidifying your website’s main call-to-action. Over time, the changes outlined in this article can help boost online conversions and increase customer engagement.

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